Monday, June 27, 2016

Why I'm with Her

There are many reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton, aside from the obvious fact that Donald Trump would be a danger to our country if he should win the presidency. Listed below are just five from a list of many very good reasons:

1. She’s qualified.
To say that Hilary Clinton is qualified is like saying chocolate cake is is delicious. Here’s a list of her accomplishments that make us all look lack luster and just plain lazy:
  • She was elected Senior Class President of Wellesley College
  • Graduated with honors from Yale Law School before completing another year of graduate studies.
  • Worked on Presidential campaigns of Barry Goldwater (1964), George McGovern (1972), and Jimmy Carter (1976)
  • Took a “summer job” on Senator Walter Mondale’s committee for migrant workers in 1971
  • Chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee while husband Bill Clinton was Governor
  • Co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
  • Named one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America by the National Law Journal in 1988 AND 1991
  • 8 Years as First Lady of the United States
  • Served as US Senator from New York
  • Served as US Secretary of State
2. She has championed some AMAZING causes.
One of Secretary Clinton’s greatest achievements is the Global Health Initiative (GHI), introduced in 2010. Designed to put a focus on maternal an infant health, the GHI has implemented strategy to improve medical facilities, reduce the spread of HIV, and lower infant and maternal mortality rates. Beyond individual achievements, Clinton has made it her life’s mission to ensure the world knows one simple thing: that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” In every position she has held, the former First Lady has fought to bring women closer to equality. Bringing issues like women’s health, equal pay, and domestic viotence to the forefront, she has never stopped making cracks in the glass ceiling.

3. Her Stance on the Issues
One of the most important reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton (or any candidate) is that her views line up with yours. If you agree with her on the subjects below, you may have just found your candidate.
  • She’s pro equal rights for LGBT community
  • She opposes using “religious freedom” to justify cutting access to health care and discrimination
  • She understands economic inequality – and wants to fix it
  • She supports common sense gun legislation
  • She knows the criminal justice system in this country is broken
  • She wants to fix Citizen’s United
  • She supports other women in the climb toward equality
  • She supports American workers
  • She’s Pro-Choice
4. First Gentleman Bill Clinton
The job of the first spouse is an important one. In addition to serving as a public facefor the White House, the first spouse is expected to take an active role in social activism, and holds a significant advisory role. Who is better suited for this position than one of the most charismatic presidents our country has ever seen?
No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to admit: that charm is hard to say “no” to.

5. It’s About Damn Time
When a woman takes up the mantle of “Leader of the Free World,” our nation will cross a line, never to return. I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton becoming president will magically create nationwide gender equality, because it won’t. But when we join the ranks of countries like Germany, Denmark, and Chile by placing a woman as our Head of State, a new generation will grow up with an altered view of what a woman can do.

When women take on leadership roles, the way women are perceived and talked about changes. In just the last half-century, the way women are discussed in the media has changed dramatically. Because we are now seeing more women as senators and governors who are endeavoring to create laws that improve the lives of women, the public is beginning to  perceive them in a different way than the Baby Boomer generation did. Unfortunately (for now), I can only imagine the discourse of a generation that grew up with a woman in the Oval Office.